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Catharine Street Legacy & Family Support Program

Catharine Street Legacy & Family Support Program assists at-risk individuals, children and families to acquire essential resources and the tools necessary to become empowered by learning to identify and develop realistic and sustainable goals for the purpose of achieving self-sufficiency.


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Martin Luther King Breakfast

For more than 30 years, the Annual MLK Breakfast Celebration continues to garner the support of businesses, faith-based, community & civic organizations, schools, colleges and local residents among others.


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Martin Luther King Scholarship

The MLK Breakfast honors community leaders in partnership with the Roosevelt Institute, provides scholarships to local youth who plan to pursue higher education.



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Support Us

At Catharine Street Community Center, we need your support to help our needy children and families. Our “services” are critical to our community. You can help us make a difference. Whether you choose to help a family (a child ) in need or attend our annual Martin Luther King, Jr. breakfast celebration, your support enables the Catharine Street Community Center to help our children.

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