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About Catharine Street

About Us

Catharine Street Community Center (CSCC) was established in 1922 and incorporated April 1942, in Poughkeepsie, New York. With its commitment to the preservation and enrichment of families and children, CSCC attributes much of its beginnings to the significant contribution and support received from the Poughkeepsie Neighborhood Women’s Club and the YWCA of Dutchess County.

From its beginning, CSCC gained a reputation for its caring and concern for children and families. One hundred years later, while reaffirming our commitment as the Catharine Street Legacy and Family Support Program, we will continue to assist individuals, children and families with the tools necessary to cope with challenging economic and social needs.

Catharine Street continues to excel as a community assets due to the strong leadership of its Board of Directors, supported by a large number of dedicated, professional and diverse volunteers.

CSCC has formal partnerships and collaborations with more than 70 local schools, health and human services organizations, making it possible to facilitate access to critical services for the at-risk and needy residents of Dutchess County.

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