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Catharine Street Legacy & Family Support Program


Catharine Street Legacy & Family Support Program assists at-risk individuals, children and families to acquire essential resources and the tools necessary to become empowered by learning to identify and develop realistic and sustainable goals for the purpose of achieving self-sufficiency.  Catharine Street will continue to assist those in need by identifying, developing, collaborating and leveraging human and financial resources.


Catharine Street Legacy & Family Support Program’s vision is to ensure the preservation of the organization’s historical contributions while reaffirming its commitment to strengthen and enhance the health and well-being of individuals, children and families to improve their overall quality of life.

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Established in 1922, Catharine Street Community Center is pleased to unveil its newest initiative while formally launching its year-long Centennial Celebration. CSCC known for its quality services for individuals, children and families is (virtually) continuing decades of services to our most vulnerable populations in the City of Poughkeepsie and Dutchess County, New York.

Under the banner of Catharine Street Community Center, Inc. our brand and new initiative is proudly presented as: Catharine Street Legacy & Family Support Program

Our new initiative incorporates and reflects the best of Catharine Street.  Encouraging us to remember our past while rejoicing with renewed optimism about our many opportunities and endless possibilities. Catharine Street will benefit from an established endowment, affording the organization a promising future and the capacity to identify and develop resources to help those in need.

Catharine Street Legacy & Family Support Program, coordination of services process, is supported by an Asset Building Framework (Search Institute, Chicago, Ill.) and Resource Based Learning, guided by a holistic approach to self-empowerment through the identification & development of realistic and sustainable goals. Among others, our program services will: identify and assess need, provide referrals, facilitate access to essential services i.e. child care, tutorial services for young children, food and housing among others including financial assistance. Referrals to Life Coaches available to help navigate daily challenges.

Catharine Street Legacy & Family Support Program symbolizes a new programmatic beginning. We are confident that our courage and commitment, will assist us through pandemics and other unforeseen challenges in the future. Catharine Street will continue to provide quality services with sustainable outcomes to those in need.

Resource Assessments & Service Coordination

Individuals and families in need of essential resources to acquire stability and sustainability may be referred via an organization, utilizing our online Application form. Self-referrals are also accepted. Referrals are reviewed and assessed in-person/virtual.  Assessment of applications may include among others home visits and contact with collaterals etc.  Catharine Street’s Resource Assessment & Support Committee will review each application for appropriate follow up and/or action. Individuals and families will be assigned a Life Coach, as deemed appropriate.

Resources are also available to assist households that are preparing to become Licensed Child Care Providers with plans to provide services during non-traditional hours (2nd & 3rd. shifts).

Referrals to Services

Referrals to essential services including but not limited to childcare, housing, health care, food sources, financial advisors and advocacy organizations.